ABOUT - Diplomacy Lounge

Since 2010

The Diplomacy Lounge ® since 2010, is a registered brand founded in Zürich, Switzerland. It’s just a unique and luxury e-boutique created by young, energetic and inspired entrepreneurs, looking forward to bringing a new, revolutionary, wave to the luxury drinks business.

ABOUT - Diplomacy Lounge

We want to offer you the best selections of Champagne, Cognac, Wines and Spirits.

Our e-boutique is your key to the finest, rare and luxury drinks from all over the world. Fabulous, exclusive and extravagant drinks. The luxury drinks together, available to our stylish jet-setters customers. We have combined different wine cultures in an exciting and glamorous, luxurious drinks shop. Easy to use and full inspiring for the cosmopolitan society of the internet.
Our mission is to bring this ultimate experience abroad, to celebrate a sophisticated epicurean lifestyle with a delicious selection for lovers of champagne, cognac and wine.

We look forward to having you, as our honored client.

Thank you for visiting our e-boutique. Sincerely yours,

The Diplomacy Lounge ®

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