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Champagne Salon Millésimes 2013 75cl

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Champagne Salon Millésimes 2013 75cl


Only the 44th release in its 120-year history, Salon 2013 has arrived like some Greek god, with a chiselled profile and lithe, perfectly sculpted long limbs, primed to conquer our hearts and palates. 2013 is distinctive for its extraordinary stature, which will forever set it apart. On approach, its fine features seem to crystallise; its line and curve coming into focus, drawing us in with its beauty. Ten years of cellaring were required for this Proteus to develop its impressive physique and insolent beauty.


Despite harsh winter weather and an equally cold, long spring, the vineyards did not suffer from frost in 2013. Budburst in April took place under heavy rains that stopped only in early July when the vines were in full bloom. The likelihood of a late September – early October harvest became obvious. The focus remained at that time on the vines and soil; each plot and plant reacted differently and treatment was adopted accordingly. Intense heat reigned throughout the summer, accompanied by spectacular sunshine. But storms raged in some areas with hail salvos wreaking havoc in scattered vineyards. Autumn arrived in full force to complete the grapes’ slow maturity in September, with the first picking starting on 1st October in the Salon plots. Despite the volumes destroyed by bad weather and the strict selection practised at harvest, the magnificent 2013 harvest boasted a yield of 13,000 kg/hectare. The Chardonnays held their own with good alcoholic content and excellent acidity: an extremely promising sign!

Tasting Notes

In natural light Salon 2013 offers a radiant robe, while golden nuances dance with glints of green in the glass, a reliable indication of a superb Blanc de Blancs. White blossom, linden flowers, jasmine and bergamot zest form its bouquet, laced with the classic minerality of Le Mesnil. The magnitude of the terroir emerges, both subtle and profound. At once rich and long, the palate shows perfect balance, its power contained. The warm character of the vintage is tangible, boasting good structure with elegant rounded aromas of baked apple, toasted hazelnut and salted butter caramel. The chalky, mouth-watering finish buoyed by the evanescent bubbles carries the Salon signature. The wine’s origins have the final say: Le Mesnil is expressed in the forthright, consummate and finely honed character; Salon 2013 unveils an unexpected strength that springs forth.

  • Contains sulfites
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

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