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Champagne Théophile is today the successor of “Théo” champagne which enjoyed its heyday in the 1930s when honourable establishments of Montparnasse served it to regale artists and night-owls alike. Théophile is now produced by Louis Roederer in keeping in the style which made its success. It should not be considered Roederer’s second wine as stylistically it is distinct to Roederer. There is a genuine family relationship, however, with key differences setting this champagne apart and making it all the more intriguing.

Théophile is made from younger vines in the Louis Roederer vineyard, with all the freshness of vines no more than eight to ten years old.

The Théophile blend is formed by grapes purchased almost exclusively from the Marne Valley – always in equal proportions to the three traditional champagne varieties: a third Pinot Meunier, a third Pinot Noir and a third Chardonnay.

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